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Jennifer Young, Sales Associate

Jennifer Young

Your Premier Real Estate Agent

Jennifer's journey is a true testament to her dedication and drive. Growing up on Long Island, New York, she laid the foundation for her work ethic and proactive nature. For two decades, she devoted herself to the education field, excelling as a middle and high school teacher. Through teaching, she honed her customer service skills, active listening abilities, time management techniques, and negotiation prowess.

But Jennifer's story goes beyond her professional achievements. She's not only a skilled teacher and a real estate dynamo, but she also wears many other hats in life. She's a loving wife, a dedicated mother, a cherished nonna, and a compassionate caregiver for her 89-year-old mom. These roles speak volumes about her character, as she manages the delicate balance of family, work, and caregiving with grace and determination.

Her commitment to her community shines through in her volunteer work, showcasing her willingness to give back and make a positive impact beyond her professional life.

Jennifer's fascination with real estate led her to obtain her sales license in Florida. Since then, she's made a significant mark in the real estate market. Her careful selection of a brokerage and partnership with top professionals reflect her determination to continually improve her skills and knowledge.

Her journey into real estate ownership started early, purchasing her first home at the age of 29. Her ongoing property ownership and recent entry into the investment market highlight her financial acumen and proactive approach to wealth building.

Jennifer's enthusiasm for finding the perfect homes for her clients is evident, and her dedication to ensuring successful sales is truly admirable. Her readiness to go the extra mile, including knocking on doors, exemplifies her commitment to her clients' success.

In a world where opportunities can be elusive, Jennifer's story teaches us that hard work, a proactive mindset, and a willingness to learn and adapt can lead to remarkable achievements. Her journey is an inspiration to all who aspire to turn their passions into successful careers, while also balancing the demands of family and caregiving.

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